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GeoGebra in SLS

Useful Links for Learning about using GeoGebra in SLS.

  1. Instructions on how to embed GeoGebra into SLS via iframe (recommended) (Method 1).
  2. Instructions on how to upload GeoGebra into SLS as a standalone package (Method 2).
  3. GeoGebra apps curated for A-level Physics:
  4. GeoGebra apps curated for O-level Physics:
  5. Using GeoGebra Group as an LMS.
  6. IPSG Poster on “An SLS Learning Experience with GeoGebra Apps on the First Law of Thermodynamics”. Update on 2 Jul 2019: The SLS lesson shared during IPSG 2019 can now be found in the SLS Community Gallery.
  7. Let us know if you have used or adapted the SLS lesson, or if you have ideas for new GeoGebra apps in the comment section below.

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