About Me

I’m a Singaporean physics senior teacher in a local 6-year integrated programme school, Temasek Junior College. This means that I got to teach the equivalent of grades 9 to 12 students since I started teaching in 2005. In 2022, I am deployed to teach upper sec Physics as well as basic programming to lower secondary IP students.

From 2017 to 2018, I worked in the Ministry’s Educational Technology Division’s Learning Partnerships in Educational Technology Branch, which offers professional development and consultancy to schools in the area of EdTech. In 2019, I moved on to the Technologies for Learning Branch due to a restructuring of the division to focus on work on the Student Learning Space (SLS). I had the best fun learning about UI/UX design due to the work with SLS – skills which I transferred to the design of my learning resources and applets. Later on, I became very involved in the initial ops work which proved to be very meaningful as it laid the groundwork for the nation’s schools to use the learning system during full home-based learning period due to the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020.

My professional interests are in the use of Geogebra in creating Physics simulations for visualisation of models and interactions. The applets I’ve created are meant for Singapore’s GCE O-level and A-level. I also dabble in creating Javascript simulations, YouTube videos and other physics-related games and material.