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I have been a Physics teacher in a junior college in Singapore since 2005. From mid-2017 to the end of 2019, I did a stint at the Educational Technology Division of the Ministry of Education. I am currently teaching Physics at both upper secondary (integrated programme) level and junior college (H2) level in my alma mater which is a school situated in the eastern heartlands of Singapore. On a part-time basis, I am also teaching Micro:bit and Python programming at lower secondary levels.

I love my job. I take pride in creating resources for my lectures, tutorials and even online learning materials such as Youtube videos and simulations using Easy Javascript Simulations and Geogebra. I also dabble in some robotics using Micro:bit, Lego Mindstorms EV3, Arduino, Sphero, Parrot Minidrone, and am recently picking up 3D printing on my own. I’m constantly learning and on the lookout for innovative ways that could help teaching and learning more enjoyable and effective.

Previously from the team working on the Student Learning Space in MOE HQ, I am also actively using it in my school. Before the SLS, I was using EdTech tools such as Google Classroom, G Suite (as the G Suite administrator for my school),  Edmodo, Socrative, Kahoot! and even my own php discussion forums (more than a decade ago). I believe in engaging students through lecture and classroom demonstrations and user-friendly interactives and sharpening their critical thinking and communicative skills through collaborative inquiry.

I manage this website in my personal capacity, not as a representative or as part of my duties in school. This website is paid for and owned by me but I invite other teachers (Singaporean or not) to contribute to the resources if you would like to do so.

PS: The content, images and videos in this website are mostly self-generated. Some are reproduced with permission and will be indicated as such. Please feel free to use them for non-profit educational purposes.


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