IP4 15 Practical Electricity

Hidden Dangers Of Water Heater: How To Install It Safely?

This rather informative video uses a recent local case of electrocution as a case study and goes on to explain various practical electricity concepts such as electric faults (e.g. live wire connected to earth wire). Recommended for students learning about O-level Practical Electricity, although I would caution them that some of the dialogue is based on a layman’s understanding of how electricity works, so there are some scientific inaccuracies.

Videos on Series and Parallel Bulbs

These are two videos that I made on series and parallel bulbs. The second video is specially made to highlight the increase in brightness of the remaining bulbs when one or more bulbs is removed from its socket.

What students will learn in O levels is that the brightness of the bulbs will not change as the potential difference is a constant, being the emf itself.

Based on the conflict between what is taught and what is observed, students will be led to discuss the reason why.

If anyone is interested in getting the demonstration kit, do check out Funlearners.com.