14 Current of Electricity

Videos on Series and Parallel Bulbs

These are two videos that I made on series and parallel bulbs. The second video is specially made to highlight the increase in brightness of the remaining bulbs when one or more bulbs is removed from its socket.

What students will learn in O levels is that the brightness of the bulbs will not change as the potential difference is a constant, being the emf itself.

Based on the conflict between what is taught and what is observed, students will be led to discuss the reason why.

If anyone is interested in getting the demonstration kit, do check out Funlearners.com.

Squishy Circuits

image taken from http://courseweb.stthomas.edu/apthomas/SquishyCircuits/howTo.htm

I came across this Ted video on Squishy Circuits, presented by AnnMarie Thomas from the University of St Thomas and found it to be a suitable activity for kids. I shall attempt to make some when I am free with instructions from the following site:


Be sure to watch this page for photos and videos!

As I was contemplating the potential of combining conductive and insulating dough to make fun toys with the help of electric motors and the learning that can come from it. Apart from the obvious learning related to electrical resistance and current, we can even learn about flotation and fluid dynamics by building floating boats of different hull shapes.