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Prepopulated Free-Response Question in SLS

Now that the newest release of the Student Learning Space (SLS) is live, I was keen to try out the new features. Having heard that there is an option for prepopulated free response questions where students can draw on prefilled images, I was eager to test it.

I have made a video of the creation, student attempt and teacher feedback stages for any teacher (only for Singapore schools, though) who is keen to learn.

4 thoughts on “Prepopulated Free-Response Question in SLS

  1. I tried to follow the video but I got stuck at the student assignment view. I could not reach the 1:00 mark in the video because my screen does not look like yours. Please advise. Thanks.

  2. Hi Joanne. Currently, to leave comments in the Free-Response Question, the question must be part of a teacher-released quiz. When you first create a quiz in SLS, you are given 3 options for when you want feedback to be given:

    1. after each question
    2. after quiz submission
    3. after teacher has marked

    You can key in the comments if you have chosen the third option.

    The developers are currently working on enabling the keying in of comments for standalone free response or audio response questions and the other 2 quiz modes (released after each question and after quiz submission) with the expected dates of release at 18 Apr (for standalone) and 2 May (for other quiz types)

    Another method of giving feedback is to use the new teacher annotation feature by clicking on the note-taking icon (top right next to activity list). When you click and highlight on a specific part of the FRQ response or ARQ question, you can make a comment in the note that appears – similar to now comments are made in Microsoft or Google documents.

  3. Sorry I still don’t understand the purpose of this prepopoulating of responses. Must I insert an image? I have frq..i dont need students to draw in an image. I want to be able to ‘mark’ various reponses.

    1. Hi, the image is totally optional. I believe there is a bug fix over the weekend so you can now add feedback to all the FRQ responses for your students now, as a way of “marking” their responses.

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