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Javascript Game to Learn How to Count Money

Trying to brush up my Javascript skills after being inspired by one of the senior specialists in ETD, I created this simple Javascript Game to teach kids how to count money using Singapore coins.

To play this game, click or press the “Play Button”. Click on the coins to make up the targeted amount. Be careful as the coins will move over one another.

This is meant for children entering primary one soon so that they can learn how to pay for food at the canteen.

To insert this into SLS, download the zipped file here and upload as a media object.

2 thoughts on “Javascript Game to Learn How to Count Money

  1. Hi, I chance upon this resource while preparing a lesson on counting money for my students. Can I check if you could share this resource? The page could not be found when I clicked on the zipped folder.

    1. Hi Estella, sorry for the late reply. I have fixed the broken link now. Sorry for the error as I had changed the server for this website and did not manage to update the manually created links thoroughly.

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