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A list of Physics websites by Singapore teachers

I had the pleasure of making the acquaintance of a fellow Singaporean physics teacher who has also created his own website to host his teaching and learning resources at He had managed to complete coverage of the O level Physics syllabus in a series of YouTube videos and I see that he is also creating Google Quizzes, Quizzizz and Kahoots for some topics.

I thought this will be a good opportunity to list down the various websites that I have been following because students will find them useful as well. Among the authors are Evan Toh (whom I met at ICTLT), a talented artist who infused comic drawing in the explanation of physics concepts, and Lawrence Wee, a friend and mentor who got me started on making javascript simulations.

  1. XMPhysics (for A-level students) – by Hwa Chong Institution teacher, Chua Kah Hean at
  2. Evan’s Space (for O-level students) – by Edgefield Secondary School teacher, Evan Toh at
  3. The Physics Grove (for O-level students) – by Hillgrove Secondary School teacher, Jonathan Ho at
  4. Open Educational Resources (for all students) – by Senior Specialist, Lawrence Wee at

I feel that it is necessary to maintain this list because a casual search for Physics websites in Google will return the dozens of tuition service providers (some of which are run by my ex-colleagues!) rather than these free-to-use learning resources that have been created. Hopefully with these backlinks, Google’s search algorithm will direct more traffic to such websites in future, although I still don’t think we can compete against the competitive tuition industry in terms of search engine optimisation. At least, one can find them through this page.

If you happen to come across any other similar websites, please leave a comment below or let me know personally if you know me.

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